Livery Voting


Hey there 👋🏼
This thread is where you can do livery votes on a single aircraft and you vote for your favourite livery out of the options. After 85 votes have been reached, the the person who posted the vote may pick someone to do the next one.

•Do not criticize people for their votes, everyone has their own opinion which should be respected.
•Only one aircraft for each vote, so they both for example have to be a 777-300ER and cannot be a Qatar livery 787-9 versus an Emirates 777-300ER
•Special liveries are allowed, even of the same airline.
•Please specify where you received the image from, if it is not yours, please give credit to the original owner.
•Please do not post a poll without being chosen by a LEGITIMATE voter.

Feel free to comment and explain why each livery is your favourite

So, lets begin.

  1. Kulula 737-800

Image acquired for wikimedia commons

  1. Mango 737-800

Image aquired from

These are both low-cost airlines in South Africa.

Lets vote.

    1. Kulula 737-800
    1. Mango 737-800

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Hey guys, just a reminder that you have to be picked to be able to post a poll, please remove your poll and abide by the rules.
Have fun!


Since we have reached 21, I nominate
@Gliding_Central to do the next poll. After his poll reached 21 votes, he can pick a random person to do the vote, and so on. Please do not do a poll without being chosen.


Picture from:

Picture from:

  • Flybe’s Livery
  • Air Asia’s Livery

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Please specify the liveries name.


Lets get back on track!

We’ll be using the Boeing 777-300ER

  1. TAAG Angola 777-300ER

Image aquired from

  1. EgyptAir 777-300ER

image aquired from Wikimedia Commons

    1. TAAG Angola 777-300ER
    1. EgyptAir 777-300ER

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Two very unique liveries.


How you guys decide who’s going to be next to post the poll?


Maybe reading the main post can give you the answer


The first person who can actually read 🙄


Sorry for not reading then… :(
But the poll creator picks someone they want to make the next poll, randomly?


Yes, but he/she can only pick once his poll has reached 21 total votes.


@Josh_Tomaz you can pick someone.


This seems like the “choosing” method could be misused and some people may just choose friends
Should it be that it’s at random?


Yeah, but how though, what can we use to randomize it


Updating vote cap to 85 votes


Just pick someone who has commented on this topic.


I pick @Matt02 for the next poll


You could pick somebody out randomly, who has voted on the most recent poll? Just an idea.

  1. If you’re on your computer then you could close your eyes and hover your mouse over the voters and then click on one, who ever you click on will create the next poll?

  2. If your not on your computer then hover your finger above the people who voted and click randomly on someone?

  1. Virgin Atlantic 789

  2. British Airways 789

  • Virgin Atlantic 789
  • British Airways 789

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