Livery Tracking Thread Template

As Infinite Flight progesses with new aircraft and features, we as a community make threads called “Tracking Threads” which are threads to track new features. I propose this template as a solution to the issue we have at the moment. (now approved by @MishaCamp)

Thanks to @Patrick_U, @Boeing707, and especially @Sumith because he pioneered this idea of a clean template. :)

##(insert aircraft here) Livery Tracking Thread
This is not a place to request a livery, please create a separate topic in the Features Category. Livery request posts will be flagged as off-topic.

###Livery and Tracking Threads Status
Tracking threads are now to be allowed on the forum due to community wishes. They will be allowed to run their course until a better solution or set of rules are created. All that we ask is you try to remain on-topic and avoid arguments as the threads can be very hard to moderate.
Tracking threads are not the place to request liveries. Threads may be closed at any time if the rules change.

Forum Moderators

Please follow this format -

[url=""]<img src="airline_logo.png" width="" height="15"></img> Airline - **REG**[/url]

eg: image Boeing - N787FT

#(insert aircraft here) ex. Airbus A340-200

#(optional, if family of an aircraft is confirmed) ex. Airbus A340-500

#Gallery A GIF of the pictures of the aircraft confirmed.
#Potential New Features * [**Opening Cargo Doors**]( #Features * [**Live Displays (KLM Picture)**]( #Sources [Infinite Flight]( [Infinite Flight]( [Infinite Flight]( [Infinite Flight]( [Laura Laban]( [Laura Laban]( [Laura Laban](

Go for it. Mod approved.


Thank you Misha for the approval! :)

Is there anyway we could broadcast this so everyone can see this?

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No, when an aircraft is confirmed, we make one of these topics.

See the MD-11/DC-10 topic for more information.


Maybe make the sources thing with pics like we have in the 787 one

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What? That’s what it is? It’s a link.

Look at the 787 tracking thread sources section… Just with the sources section and the little icons. thats all

I don’t see working displays? They’re just not textured, so we don’t know if they’re going to be live working.

It’s an example, buddy.

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Ohh, sorry gotcha. My bad.


Good job @Pilot8! Congrats

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Ah, yeah why not. Sounds like a nice cosmetic feature to add.

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Good stuff, @Pilot8!

I agree with @BluePanda900. Can we use this format with the favicons?

The official livery previews should be posted on the following social platforms -

Infinite Flight
Infinite Flight
Infinite Flight
Infinite Flight

Laura Laban
Laura Laban
Laura Laban

The same can occur with the aircraft liveries:

Let me know your thoughts. :)


Yes, currently added that to the template.

EDIT - @Nathan, added :)


Didn’t you hear the news?

Version 1.1
Added Favicons
Cleaner Look

Not sure what you are talking about with the latest news ? Care to explain :D

As much as I hate these posts this is a really nicely done template. Nice work @Pilot8