Livery template bug

Device: iPad 8th Gen.
Operating system: Apple

So i found this out today, one of the 787-9 livery template is slightly smaller than the other ones. I have a few screenshots of it.

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I thought it is scaled to account for the size comparison of aircraft

No, these are the same aircraft. Plus, the preview photos are the same size for most aircraft. I think this is just down to the liveries being added in different updates.

Do you think this is an actually important issue? I believe the devs have a lot of work to do on actual issues that affect gameplay. Good spot though.

It’s known but not a priority at this time.



This happens to all new aircraft/livery’s. If you look at newer aircraft this is the same. So I don’t think it’s a bug

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i posted this topic to have the devs notice, not for this issue to be solved immediately. thanks for clarifying that.

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thanks for everyone’s replies. i realize this isn’t a very important issue. i just wanted the devs to notice this issue. close away @schyllberg, please!