Livery rights

Hi, this is a request to American, Delta, Alaskan, and United virtual airlines to fly their liverys. I am the CEO of SkyWest virtual, a new VA, and I am requesting rights to fly your liverys under our VA.

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I would suggest to PM their CEOs

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I can’t find all their usernames

Please PM the following users.

American: @CollinFlys
Delta: @MrMrMan

Sorry for the tags folks.


That’s only three of them

Hi. Please shoot me a pm for Alaska’s livery. Thanks.

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It’s best to wait till you’re approved, then contact the CEOs. At this point, your VA has not entered the IFVARB approval process yet. Rather than posting a public topic, it’s better to send them a PM via the IFVARB Slack.

In the future, you can find the CEO’s IFC profile at