Livery requests!

Hello all! I will ask for everyone to put down 1 livery request. Please say the airline, and aircraft. I will pick the most said livery requests and make it into a list. Mine is: WesJet 787


You posted this in the #features thread. Where people do exactly that. Post requests and get votes.

Why don’t you ask for liveries first in #general, then make a poll then make a livery request… if that livery isn’t already requested.


Sadly this is not how the Features category works. You are only allowed one feature request per topic. I recommend taking a look at the topic that I’ve linked below to explain and help you out further:


Thanks for pointing that out!

Do you guys have any livery requests?

I’m confused though. If people have livery requests then they are more than welcome to create or vote on the request in #features.

I don’t believe there is a need for people to comment their feature requests when we can either vote or create our own feature request.

JetBlue new livery A320. Plain and simple.

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As stated, there’s a dedicated category for this…
Try saying what you think in this thread…
What do you expect from Infinite Flight in 2020?

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So… no topic for livery requests?

Are you trying to say that you want every one to say there “most wanted livery” and then you will pick the one that is said the most and then you will make a feature request for it?

Is that correct?

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Each livery should be its own separate request per the category rules linked above.