Livery Requests/Votes

Hi, I was just wondering how often livery requests/votes are accepted? and how long it usually takes for developers to add them into IF?

Considering there are 9.5k feature requests, most of which are for liveries - not so often. It depends on a bunch of different things - will anybody fly it, will it help diversifying the airline selection, will disney ask for licensing fees that would require all staff members to sell a kidney or two to pay for them. As for how long - usually they are only added when the aircraft is reworked, both soft (like A330) or from the ground up (like 777). Misha explained in a bit more detail how they choose their liveries here, then Philippe explained the technical challenge of having liveries here


There’s several factors that come into play here with some key things in mind. First would be the decision to make a livery which is probably voted on internally, actual designing of the livery which could take a while especially when the livery has extensive details. Then the livery has to be implemented and tested in the app which could mean months of testing before it hits the public.


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