Livery requests to the IF

Hello, please developers, don’t forget to bring the livery I mentioned using the EMBRAER prefix:



one feature per topic please

Hey! These are some great liveries! However, as per the rules of the #features category, only one livery can be requested per topic. Linked below are some already existent feature requests for the liveries above which you can vote on!

For the other’s you’ve listed, feel free to make a request for them seperately, and not anymore than 1 in a day!

For more information on the #features category, click here:

Hope I could help!

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Hey there! As mentioned in the rules of the #features category, you are allowed only 1 request per topic. Second you can find most if not all of these requests using the search tool located in the top right.

We already have those liveries on the B738. Gol is also ib the B737-700. The E190 will be reworked in the near future and will most likely include Azul. IF also has a LATAM A320.

Once more, you are only allowed 1 request per topic, feel free to make multiple topics though!

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