Livery Request Sub-Topic

agreed, would help me see the interesting features not just liveries

Great idea! Then all of us who don’t want to see them could turn it of in our settings😂😆😅

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Wow… first poll I’ve ever seen with all votes on a single option…

Yes @Nichalas_Petranek, all votes for a subcategory, but unfortunately the mods resisted to implement it.
Maybe one of the mods could give a statement…,
@MishaCamp @Aernout @Henrik … ?
It would be real helpful to see what REALY a feature is, and what only another grafik on a existing aircraft.
For me 2 subcategories would be the best, one for lively and one for arcrafttyp withe all the rest in the main categorie. But I would also accept just the one subcategory lively.

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