Livery Request Sub-Topic

So we make it like this?:

Topic (lets say B787 liveries)

B787-8 Liveries requested:

  • Scoot (<- hyperlinked to original topic)
    -… (same as above)
  • Royal Air Maroc ✅ (<- still hyperlinked)

B787-9 Liveries requested:

  • Scoot (<- hyperlinked)
  • Scoot SG50 (in case of special liveries)

B787-10 Liveries requested:

But wouldnt this infringe the topic guidelines of “1 request per topic”? Or will this go under different guidelines?

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I’ve thought of this too. But it would still be multiple topics and constant updating of threads


Another idea is for livery requests to only be allowed for confirmed aircraft and current aircraft. Once the livery is added, the request is deleted. That way there won’t be requests for planes that we don’t know if we’ll get anytime soon.

How difficult is this to implement? If it is a quicker job then I think we should go ahead and do this, since there have been topics arguing for banning livery requests entirely because people are so fed up with them (I for one am not :) ). A sub-topic is easily organized and easy to block for those who become annoyed with so many requests.

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Seconding this

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Guys why don’t you support them instead of totally ignoring them?
@Rock77 then you’ve got to go through all the topics and see if they need to be in the livery category. But yes, I understand what you’re saying and totally agree with you. I don’t want people continuously spamming my topics when they can PM me about me posting 3 requests in 12 hours or whatever. And unfortunately they’ve never, a single time talked to me nicely. Even when I was a newbie and didn’t know anything.

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Because I don’t care to have every single fricking livery in existence in the sim. Especially ones that I don’t like. Something has to impress me to get my support, and that’s not easily done.

This is a reasonable amount

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Most definitely, while you’re at it, can you get rid of the “insert feature here confirmed!” threads? I think we can put that under a tracking thread.

Yeah, there’s too many of them and other topics with no category too.

@Danman there was talk of another category for confirmed liveries…

What about tracking threads? Would they fall under the same category?

There aren’t many tracking threads. They are only made when an aircraft is confirmed and upcoming. I still agree with having a livery category made to seperate them from other features.


Will this ever come to the community?

Maybe have the option to mute features from the home page

You have that. Go into preferences

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Did you not read this? This is not the place to request liveries lol.

Since when was this a thing? Forgive me as I haven’t been on recently.

This was before I was a moderator.


Nope, it’s been a little over a year.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. This was so long ago.