Livery Request Sub-Topic

Would it be beneficial to have a sub topic in features to request liveries? Since livery requests threads are no longer allowed, the feature category has been flooded with separate livery requests. Having a separate sub topic would make livery requests more organized and easier to follow.


Agreed. It will be nice to mute that category so my front page isn’t flooded.


Perhaps maybe sub categories for all different types of feature requests
One for aircraft, one for regions, one for liveries and the general features category could be used for other types of feature requests.


Or some other way of doing it. I’m not sure how effective it is to have 30 topics each requesting a different Q400 livery. I know if I was a dev I would just want a list in one place.

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I was thinking more of just liveries, I don’t see a need to categorize the others. Since it would be easier for the devs to track.

Definitely. Ever since the community has received an ounce of conformation of the Dash 8, I am pretty sure that basically every major Dash 8 operator was requested.

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Yes, that would make everything a lot neater.

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Welcome to the forum. Here is not the place to request liveries. You can make a separate thread for that:)

what i dont undastand this

You know how some threads have sub categories like how “Live” has the “Events” and “ATC” category. Features could have a “Livery” category.

O ok thx :)

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I really would love this! Can’t we bring up this discussion again? This would give some of us the chance to mute the subcategory instead of clicking through livery requests for Every. Single. Aircraft. On. The. Freaking. Planet. when reading the daily news here.


Maybe a subsub category when its confirmed

Let’s not overdo it. I would be more than happy if we begin with one sub first.


I agree with this. This is probably a worse infestation than polls.


Iy seems that polls is your enemy.
When this will be added?

And oh

  • Yes the Sup-topic for liviries is great
  • No its not

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Yes, please! If this would ever be created, im muting that category forever!


Oh thanks @dush19. So you don’t want to be supporting your favourite liveries? That’s fine with me… And I’m guessing you’ll be the only person with it muted. Have a nice day :-)
I only want it to keep the community more organised

Just like I did to VAs. It is really great.

I will not be alone :)

There are many who are tired of people posting requests like you :))