Livery Request 2020

Hello, Everyone.
I am writing this to have you decide the Next livery be added to Infinite Flight for the Airbus Aircraft and help us decide our next Aircraft. Anyone have any ideas, please submit down below. Thank you.

I would like to go first this round, mine is United Airlines A319, America West A320, American Airlines A319 in the Current livery, American Airlines A319 in America West Airlines, PSA, Piedmont, Allegheny, American Airlines A321 in U.S Airways Colors, American Airlines B737-800 in AirCal and Reno Air Colors United 737 in the New Livery and a Continental Retro Livery. My aircraft will be next to be an Airbus A350-1000 with all others from Iberia, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and the latest to be British Airways, also I would like to request the Livery for the A319 to have the Regular SAS Livery and I am putting in a request for the A321 in SAS Livery.

Registration is N838AW for the American Airlines America West Livery
N745VJ for the A319 American Airlines Allegheny Livery

N578UW for the A321 American Airlines US Airways Livery.

Registration for A350-1000 to be G-XWBA for British Airways.
G-VPOP Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 Livery.

Livery for the United Airlines B737-900

Livery for the United Airlines B737-800

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Hi there! You can vote for all of these in #features!


You need to be TL2 to make a topic in #features

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  1. You need to be TL2 to access #features
  2. Each request need to be in a separate topic.
  3. Some may have already been requested so please search and vote if they exist.