Livery packages

I know a similar topic has been discussed on the community forum before but I have decided to air it again.

The FDS team should consider creating (PAID) livery packages for each individual aircraft.


American livery package: American Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways…

British livery package: British Airways, Easyjet, Ryanair, jet2, Thomas cook…

Middle Eastern airlines livery package: Etihad, Qatar, Egyptair, Emirates…

Asian airlines livery package: Thai, Japan, ANA, Air China, Philippines…

The reasons why I think this idea would be benificial.

1• Doesn’t lead to dissapointment, it keeps everyone satisfied

2• Developers will get peace and quiet from people nitpicking about liveries not being available on specific aircraft. A good example of this was on the B787-8, B787-9.

3• Generates a little bit of extra income for the future development of IF.

I understand this may be a little difficult to code and it might take up extra device memory, but I think it would make sense from a customers point of view and perhaps the devs views in the long run.

Any thoughts on this? 🤔



People who might otherwise buy the pricier full pack may switch to the cheaper partial packs only so FDS could lose $$ that way.

On the contrary maybe it could encourage new purchases from users who normally wouldn’t buy IAPs?


Like the idea-but maybe you could do aircraft family
Ex: All 787s for $13

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That’s a great idea 😃

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Whats wrong with just paying the $15? Fair work deserves fair pay.

Good idea!

You complain about something that costs the same as a sandwich :/

There isn’t anything wrong about paying $15. The work these guys do is outstanding and there is no arguing about that. It’s simply an idea that would perhaps make the livery options more open

Read the post, there was no complaints

I didn’t want to sound ungrateful for the devs hard work on the update, similar to live plus, you could just pay a little less than what you would normally pay for the entire package. I would still pay $15 for all 3 787s (when they out-IOS sucks) without the package deal. 😀

Not really that it affects me as I get live plus but it’s an interesting idea for sure