Livery Lock

I think not being able to fly certain liveries into certain airports would be a good feature. Today I was flying into EHAM and there were airlines that don’t fly in that region or airport. Let me put it like this, if your flying into Heathrow you shouldn’t see a Southwest aircraft. So as you select what region you want to fly to, and an aircraft with the livery you choose does not fly there you shouldn’t be able to fly it. Another example would be, an American Airlines a320 flying into Heathrow. Yes American does fly there but not with the a320. So a livery lock should not let you be able to fly the aircraft with that certain livery there. But I would only suggest this feature to be in Live to make the experience as real as possible. Another example would be if an Air France a320 landed at JFK. Yes Air France flies into JFK but not with the a320. So I guess this feature could be an aircraft lock instead of a livery lock.


Even though I try to use the right livery for the right region, lots of players like using whatever livery they want, and wouldn’t like some locking their favourite livery because certain aircraft doesn’t fly to that region.


I agree, it is kind of like taking the players money. If I bought the 50$ live subscription and I wanted to fly an allegiant aircraft into heathrow and it restricted me from doing that, I would be pretty upset.


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If you’re suggesting this as a feature it would be a horrible idea. This is a game for all types of aviation enthusiast, I’m not sure restricting airlines to certain national region would gain much popularity on IF.

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Good point. And it is, again, a question of how “real” IF is supposed to be. And I do agree- A Lufthansa A320 ‘remaining in the pattern’ somewhere in the Carribean is rather, well, unusual.

I think it is up to each of us individual users to decide how real it should be in this case. A lock is slightly too much in my opinion.

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Or fly in a region they didn’t intend to.

I fly the livery I want in whatever region I please. I understand the desire for realism and I support certain aspects of that, but this is taking it too far.

Oshkosh would be rendered nearly useless if this was the case

  1. Ive payed for the aircraft and liveries so Im going to use them.
    2.liveries such as Air New Zealand would be useless.
  2. If it bothers you lower your aircraft count that way you will see less aircraft.
  3. As Ben said, It would take away the “Infinite” part of Infinite Flight.
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I like the idea. I think this should ONLY apply on the advanced server, that way you can fly any livery anywhere in live, just not on the advanced.

I think there should be a new server called “Realistic Advanced” for full realism. It would be JUST like real life, in every aspect. Including Livery Locks, mandatory flight plans, etc.


I’ll go for that argument as long as its on it own server and qualifications to be a pilot / controller apply. Or as @FlyFi said, “Realistic Advanced.”

Example, you should add that all pilots have to go through a strict test to prove that their skills are within real life standards.
In addition, every IF pilot has to pass a periodic flight test in the aircraft their checked out for (every 6 months).
Lastly, they have to pass a flight test as a way of being checked out on or endorsed for every aircraft they want to fly. If you want to fly the 747-400 than you’ll have to take a test.

Come on, this can get a bit silly. After while no one would be qualified to fly on such a server.


I don’t think all of that is needed but maybe some of it.

Some aspects of realism wouldn’t be very realistic for the Simulator, for instance no Cargo or similar type flights into St. Julianna after 1600local.

You hit the point. Not all realism is very realistic for a flight sim game, especially one that’s interactive (live flight).


Thanks for the feedback! Maybe just for the advanced server. Or well just have to wait for global flight