Livery Issues

Recently I’ve been having issues regarding the liveries of aircraft in infiniteflight. The liveries of all the aircraft appear to have become more pixelated. I’m not sure wether it is an issue with the device I’m using or with the simulator as I’ve seen others complain on the same issue.


Make sure to check your settings, if you have texture quality, rendering resolution or rendering quality on low, try turning your graphics settings up.

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What is your device, on what aircraft does this issue happens and can you share a picture so we can better help you ?

This behaviour is normal. Other aircraft on Live are rendered at a lower resolution than your aircraft. This is done in order to improve the performance of your device. There’s no way to force Infinite Flight to load other aircraft to the same quality as your aircraft. I believe that this was tweaked in 20.1 (or either of the hotfixes) which may explain why you’re just noticing it.

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This sounds like more of a graphics issue than a sim issue. It is most likely that you turned down your settings so your device can run smoother and more stably, but if that’s not the case, you can go into settings, graphics, then choose your settings and maybe turn them to medium or high. This will make the livery’s and aircraft look much better, but just make sure that you don’t go beyond your device’s capability.

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In addition to Shane’s suggestion, a weak internet connection may be the result of this. Try to make sure you are in a good area with strong wifi for the best results.

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