Livery issues in 22.6

i understand that there are some notable features of the plane that @MxP points out, but my point is to just enjoy the things that the glorious devs spend weeks on developing.

I won’t lie, This is a simulator and it cant be perfect of course but this thread is brilliant as it shows the little details that livery devs may not see which will hopefully make the livery devs strive for high realism levels even if its tiny details little people care about.


what i say in my posts above does not contradict this post. im not saying that these issues can’t be fixed in later updates or hotfixes. i am simply asking people to enjoy the game and not worry about these issues.

Ooooh you have no idea how untrue this is, unfortunately. I just had someone else “complaining” about the hub cap on the 737 not having a hole it apparently should have :)


most players dont care about these minor issues. other than the “it must be perfect” people. the forum has very few of these people as most of the people are mature enough to understand (imo) that the devs put hours of hard work into creating new liveries and airplanes.

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Great topic, it is necessary to show this to contribute to the improvement of the simulator and keep it always very good!

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This is the man we need to paint liveries

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Pointing here to Saudi, the livery looks like a much darker interpretation than usual

Guys if it’s good for you, how wonderful, go fly, go enjoy the livery, go there

now if there are people who are giving opinions about possible errors of improvement, that is also good, respect, each one is each one, every time a topic of this type is created, the defenders of the thank you policy always come

Treat absolutely everything in your life the same way you’re treating it here, ‘‘I don’t care about little things’’ ‘‘but it’s just a game’’ so what? just because it’s a game everything has to be the way it is and that’s it? I’m sure IF is what it is today thanks to the team always getting opinions from its users

I always point out the errors in liverys here at IFC, sometimes I think it’s too much, and I even think the devs get a little angry about it (I would be) but I think it’s cool that you have things the way they are in reality.


Feedback notes! Discussion got somewhat out of hand after that.