Livery issues in 22.6

Saudia: Missing Skyteam Logo next to the door, Main titles don’t go far enough on the fuselage

Finnair: Wrong winglet, Registration (also it’s color) + flags too small + Airbus A330-300 logo has the wrong color

Vistara: Faulty tail (e.g. two “vertical” facing lines should be on the door, in IF it’s only one, the other is not on the back door), Indian Flag too small,

Fiji Airways: Faulty Tail (e.g. visible in the top right, as too little is visible), Missing Fiji Airways Logo + text (unidentified, possibly “OneWorld”?)next to the door, wrong vertical alignment of bottom main title in relation to the red markings of the sensors (?)


Drukair: The symbol on the door is not big enough

Aeromexico: Red Line has the wrong path (e.g.: crosses singular window at the wrong height, but the issue at other places as well), faulty blue door outlines (rendering bug on my part?), wrong alignment of the Aeromexico titles and flag on the left side of the aircraft, missing stickers next to door, wrong path of light/dark blue livery parts at the back of the aircraft (e.g. on the door, as it leaves too little room), wrong bottom border of red shape on the top of the split scimitar

Note: Some issues might be due to modeling inaccuracies of the aircraft. Hope this helps fix them.

I won’t be active for the foreseeable due to some personal stuff, but please still reply with what you think and if I am wrong.

Device: iPad Pro 2018
Operating system: iPadOS 15.6


could you add some IF photos to compare so it is easier

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Added some

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Hello I also found the Vistara A320 livery to feel as if it wasn’t as high resolution as others, if feels like it was made in a lower quality…
Like the vistara name and logo on the tail aren’t as sharp as on other liveries…

Maybe this is also because of the new texturing IF uses. I think they have changed up some things to use up less storage by decreasing the resolution of the liveries which could be seen on the A220 a lot. But on the other hand, the Fiji A350 doesn’t seem to have this problem, so I am not sure to be honest.

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bro just violated the whole update with 1 topic


That’s a lot of stuff pointed out? Can you finish for the entire IF fleet lol?


It really amazes me how many of y’all fail to realize that this is just a game. Nothing is ever going to be absolutely perfect. Quit trying to make it that way.

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All of us were waiting more than a month for this update what do you expect mate?

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Agreed however coming as close as possible to perfection is highly appreciated


Now are they accidental mistakes or a way to protect the company from copyright strikes?


Their is issues with all liveries in Infinite Flight. Not all of them are going to perfect because as some said it’s a game. I agree tho most of the stuff you have pointed out haven’t been done correctly but the update was only released. I’m sure their will be fixes in the future. For now the developers are working on the E-Jets and i’m sure they have better priorities for airports, new liveries, GSE, and internal bugs etc. We will just have to be patient until the devs have the time to fix the small details.

I intended it more like a heads-up to the livery creators. I don’t know who creates them and if they will ever see this post, but in the past, they occasionally forgot the livery parts at the bottom of the aircraft. After that was pointed out a few times they apparently incorporated that into their “creation routine” as this issue hasn’t been happening as frequently as far as I know.
I know that liveries are almost never fixed, I just intended this as a “tip” to the designers for future liveries to pay more attention to some parts of the livery they haven’t paid attention to as much. That’s the same reason I pointed out so much in the AA Eagle E175 preview. There, the hope that some issues are fixed is at least a little bigger.


Which is perfectly fine and appreciated!
We’ll have a look at this :)


I’d be surprised if that were the case. All the logos are still visible (I believe most of them are correctly recreated), meaning that IF could still get in trouble, although that has not happened before.

Whilst you’re correct I just don’t see how it’s that big of a problem yk. Lower quality liveries thats something I would agree with would need to be fixed or avoided in the future, but even the vistara doesn’t seem any better or worse than other liveries. But some of the thing you’re mentioning just isn’t a problem. i.e the one world logo is there. And what I think you’re refering to the left side if you look at other images it cleary isn’t visible. And the error in the top right is so small and significant that I’m sorry but it doesn’t make a difference. I’m mainly referring to the Fiji Airways livery which i’ll be using later today. Which I think when I spotted the livery on the A330 in Auckland I couldn’t even tell. And wouldn’t have if not for you. Whilst it will of course annoy some people, I’m sure most members of the community think the new liveries are great.

i totally agree. IF is just a simulator and theres really no need to complain about texture issues when there is time to actually ENJOY the freaking game.

I usually react to people complaining about super minor stuff too. But where are the complaining here? I honestly see more complaining about @MxP providing us with this information than any complaints in the post.


Hmm. So you are complaining about people who are complaining about @MxP complaining? Sorry I had to.


sorry, i may have worded it wrong, but what im trying to express is that @MxP is pointing out things that players dont even care about. for example, why point out mere flags on an airplanes rear when there are things to enjoy about the airplane itself. right!?