Livery Issue with latest update 19.1 [744 Philippine Airlines]

i have an issue with the B744 philippine airlines livery


Hi there! Have you updated the app from the App Store or Play Store? If so you may need to uninstall it (Infinite Flight) and then reinstall the latest update of Infinite Flight if a restart of your device doesn’t resolve your issue.

I reinstalled the application when I upgraded to 19.1 for the errors, downloaded all the planes again with the liveries and when I got to this it was like that.

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Okay, if you see this again after rebooting your device please let us know. Please include your device info and operating system as well. Thanks again

iPhone 7 iOS 12.1.4

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There was a hotfix pushed to the app stores today. Make sure that you have that installed. If you aren’t sure you could delete the app now and reinstall :)

@Levet, I also have an IPhone 7 operating the same IOS and am getting the same exact white plane with pink wheels - I don’t think this is a localized issue for @Zuwie_April_CL

Patrick, double check and make sure that you have the latest build with the hotfix as well. See the instructions above.

I installed it a while ago, the photo was taken after the hotfix

Like your wheels haha 👊🏻👌🏻 Hopefully you get it sorted 😌

I installed the hotfix and restarted my device - same result as @Zuwie_April_CL, hopefully this data helps.

Thanks for the update. I have confirmed this on my device.

iPhone Xr
iOS 12.1.4

I will pass this along to the team. It appears that the livery isn’t downloading when spawned in, maybe the livery file link mapping is out of sort. Checked all other 744 liveries and they were fine.


Thank you for handling this! You’re doing a great job!

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We’re looking into it! Thanks for the report :)


If you restart the app, and select that airplane, the livery will be there :)


Thanks Laura and Seb, can confirm that the livery now loads upon starting a flight and spawning in!


Yep! Everything is working now! Thanks!

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