Livery IDs in Live API

I’m experimenting with the Live API on a project. When I call Flights.aspx I get back a series of records like this:

{ "AircraftID":"3f17ca35-b384-4391-aa5e-5beececb0612", "AircraftName":null, "Altitude":21999.995482491082, "CallSign":"MB05W", "DisplayName":"Mig Mar", "FlightID":"77bbec6c-22ad-4060-8ae3-74e986272fe2", "Heading":6.19457674, "LastReport":null, "LastReportUTC":132377834526907111, "Latitude":40.679991711144908, "LiveryID":"4599f1a5-6e3c-477c-a21e-95c8d0d8e1e8", "Longitude":1.8801932226873694, "Speed":342.89832095134915, "Track":7.42798376083374, "UserID":"c831b039-71f4-4d59-a319-b6956fde3ef3", "VerticalSpeed":0.38526394963264465 }

I notice the LiveryID in the data returned. Is there a call we can make to get back details of the specific livery?

I read the docs here:

… but I didn’t find reference to an API call to fetch livery details for a given livery ID.

Thanks for any input!

I just made a simple function to look it up in this CSV.

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I’ll take a look at that. Not sure querying a CSV is ideal for my use cases but it’s a starting point for sure.

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