Livery Ideas and requests

Show your drawing skills and post one of your best drawings of a plane with a custom livery or anything else

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@JFKPlaneSpotter is really good at drawing future FDS liveries


I may send them tomorrow :)

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I’m working on mine. It’s featuring a livery similar to one’s I’ve seen on the internet. It also features the Golden Gate Bridge.


There’s a thread out there.


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Is it exactly the same?

All sorts of stuff in here

oh… For this thread I was actually meaning like pen and paper drawing…


well here’s my drawing.


It’s a 737

That looks really awesome! You’re good at drawing!

Thanks @ItsPerses

Oh, I use templates…

yah i draw a lot of my plane drawing by hand

You’re correct @Boeing707! Either @Jan s or in a bigger discussion:

Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint

Reminds me that I should start drawing again, might do it in the summer.

Some more of my work.

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