Livery Free Cam @ TNCM - [CLOSED]

Server: Expert

Region: Carabiean

Airport: Princess Juliana (TNCM)

Time: 1400Z (I think this is 7am Western Coast and 10am east coast)

NOTAM: everyone who is participating in this event please do not spawn at TNCM spawn nearby and fly in on the runway that faces out to sea…I will be in the aircraft at e head of the runway. I will be using free cam and posting results later. Of course you all are welcome to do the same.

Please mention in the comments if you can come. (If I made mistakes in the times) and what livery you will be attending in and what aircraft.

Available to Come/Livery/Aircraft

  1. Infinite.Flight (FDS/A318)
  2. The_Greatest_Basket (Norweigan/787-9)
  3. Sk28 (Virgin Australia/777-300ER)
  4. Osman_Mohamed (Air China/787-900)
  5. Kyle_Plane (Air Austral/787-8)
  6. AviancaVirtual (Avianca/787-8)
    7AdamCallow (BA/787-10)
  7. Talkinggrizz (Air Canada/767)
  8. @Maxime_Megaalsana_Ro ( Air Tahiti Nuit/787-9)
  9. @Nitram_Ynnor (Airmexico/787-8)
  10. @Aviaperevozchik (Aeorflot/787-900)
  11. @anon66771861 (KLM/787-10)
  12. @Mohammed_Abu_Omar (AirEmirates/777ER)
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Don’t be shy guys I know you want to participate ;)

Maybe Virgin Australia 777-300ER. I am not positive I can come though.

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Count me in, Norwegian 787-9.

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Will do thank you @The_Greatest_Basket

I’ll put you down don’t worry if you can’t :)

I Will be there I think so with the Norwegian 787-9 but what time in Sweden ??

Can you come in a different livery? We already have Norweigan covered 😬
And 8am Monday is 4pm Monday for you guys in Sweden!

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What about TUI or air China 787-900

Whichever you want :)

Air China 787-900 it coul

I shall put you down noble sir 👍🏼

With gate exactly will be for air China

Just takeoff from a nearby airport and land at Princess Juliana. Once you exit the runway simply taxi to parking. If you want you can take a few pictures and post them on this thread and then leave. Plain and pure and simple l😜

Ok dude see u there I think we will have fine thanks

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You can takeoff from runways really close or enjoy a longer flight. I will be sitting in front of the runway and taking pictures either throu my cockpit or via free cam which I will instal around the point that most pilots will touchdown

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Can you post the screenshots? I would love to come, but I don’t have live. 😞

Ok dude that it creat I will just buys that airport right now for training

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Absolutely :)

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Keep the good work up! Remember this is Tuedsay at 1400Z or 7am WST and 10 am EST

@JoshFly8 can you talk to you team and see if someone would be willing to help vector people? Incase it gets busy?

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