Livery for adding 737 Max and Airbus NEO.

I see a lot of people asking for the addition of the Boeing MAX series or the Airbus NEO. I find it interesting but the problem is that some people (including myself) don’t have enough space on their memory to have so many planes.
Then by looking at the list of plane in IF I saw that when one changes some liveries we have the addition or not of Winglets. So I thought it would be nice to include the visual modifications of the 737 MAX and Airbus NEO in the liveries to avoid adding new aircraft.
This should be included in a rework of the B737 or A320 for example. Of course this will not remove the old versions of the 737 and Airbus.
If anyone finds this idea logical, let them vote for it! 😉

Btw the A320 family had already been reworked

It’s different aircraft with different parameters in terms of fuel consumption and such.
Not something we will be doing :)