Livery for a drawing

I am drawing planes, and would like to get sime inspiration about the liverys. You can also request me to draw planes, but I wont promise anything.

The livery should be the regular airlines livery. I dont want any private, special, or retro liverys.
And the livery should be colourful, or contain lots of cool shapes. So please as less white and grey as possible.

The result for my original drawing is below, but I will draw more aircrafts lateron.


The Emirates livery would look cool. Because your drawing is 3D

How about this one?

Not my photos


United would look nice!


I like it. But Ill wait for more suggestions till I decide

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Too mouch white

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I like Those two african liveries in the first photo

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Oh wow lol. Just saw that lol.

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How about Cathay Pacific?

Where did you take that pic from?

Google images lol.

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@Vetruschka should definitely give those a shot

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The otiginal one comes from here:

I have just changed the angle a bit.


Wow I love how you drew the runway, it looks perfect. Can you draw Etihad’s F1 livery on the A340?


Sorry. Would love to see though!

Oh sorry, I didn’t read it well.

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I wasnt going to do that, but if its a picture request I can do that. It usually takrs me 1 - 2days for a full drawing, so dont expect it before Monday.
If you like it, check out Verena on Instagram: "DC 8 #selfdrawn #aquarelle #planes #planeporn #plane #aircraft #aeroplane #airplane #airplanes #donneldouglas #dc8 #lufthansa #retro #retrolivery #art #instaplane #aviation #instaaviation"
I have some others there

I hope you have some great works there because I’m gonna check it out.

Just keep in mind, that my phone camera is quite bad quality

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Omg you got talent, I’m following you 😉. Just keep more coming.