Livery focussed update

Some of the liveries on the older aircraft i.e. A320 family, E-jets and 787 are out of date or there are more operators now than when the aircraft was initially released. Would it not be a good idea to have an update specifically to bring the liveries up to date and potentially add some new ones onto older aircraft?


Check the feature requests of each aircraft/livery and leave them a vote, so we can get them in a future

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You can leave a request for your livery.
Just create a topic in #features

Im not sure for the Older aircrafts (E jets 767) but I think the 787,Q400 could work to add liveries

This isn’t an idea for any specific livery but more of an idea to dedicate an update to general livery improvements

But this can turn in multiple request in a topic and duplicates.

You can post this in the Features, However, seeing your stats, you still TL1. You must be TL2 to post a feature topic. So keep posting, joking, harassing (DON’T DO THAT), replying, whatever you want, and you will be “Member” in no time.


That’s Joking, my favourite part. But seriously, don’t do that