Livery error

Hello infinity flight team

I noticed an error on the Corsair livery on the Airbus A330-900neo. As you can compare the 2 pictures, it misses the writing Corsair on the livery of the simulator where are placed the landing gears which thus does not correspond to the original livery. That’s why I’m calling you to know if it’s possible to fix this error.

Thanks in advance.


Please put this in Features

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Why? There is already request.
Corsair International A330-300
This is not a feature request.
About the issue, I think wait for a dev or mod to come.

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Normally I would say there’s no need to nitpick on a small error but this one is fairly significant.

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It’s been noted internally in the past so i bumped it now.



Alright Tkanks, Sir

I think it’s pointless to mention these issues. We (community) were already did it in previous years with other liveries. I remember it when “Boeing 777 rework” update became to the sim and we saw errors with Aeroflot livery for example. We mentioned IF team about it. And as we can see they didn’t replaced wrong livery to the new correct (I don’t know why)…

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Replacing an entire livery vs a “minor” thing like this are two very, very different things.