Livery drawing poll

Hey IFC,
I made this poll a separate topic because I really need the opinions from the whole IFC, instead of just the posters of the drawing thread. So I am planning on doing a video, but I needed to come up with a livery and an aircraft to draw. The aircraft that is chosen was the A340, but I need to you to decide what livery I should do. Here are the options;

    • Lufthansa (Old)
    • Iberia (New)
    • Eurowings
    • Turkish
    • Swiss
    • Thai
    • Qatar Airways

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Once this poll reaches 40 voters, I will close it and the livery will be decided. Thanks for voting mates, and have a good day! :)
(also, I don’t know what category to put this in)

Possibly you should placed this poll in the

Keep this in the thread. Drawing topics are not technically IF related, nor real world aviation, so we allow them only if they’re kept to a small number of threads. Thanks!