Livery Design Question

Quick question, what does it take to make a new livery for IF? I’m just asking because many liveries on certain modern airplanes still use old early 2000s liveries in the simulator. I usually fly with North American airlines. Air Canada, WestJet, and United are the most out-of-date with really super old liveries on the smaller planes (CRJ-200 and E170) with United, and most of the other planes don’t have the current liveries. Other airlines like Frontier and Alaska could be updated on the 737-800, 700, and A319. Does it really take that long to make a livery? Please do let me know!

New liveries are added periodically by the developers, usually when an aircraft is reworked or updated. It usually has nothing to do with it taking an extended amount of time, they are just simply updated when an aircraft is updated. To help see your choices of liveries in game, make sure to vote for them in the #features category. A variety of different liveries can be found there. As you increase in trust level on the forum, you get more votes. Thanks!


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