Livery Design iOS?

I’ve seen the liveries people create on PC and Mac so I was wondering, is there an app or similar that I can do the same thing on?
I don’t mean to put into IF
If you don’t know what I mean check out this topic:


You mean painting on a template on iOs?

Creating a livery to show off is illegal? He never said he’ll put it in Infinite Flight.


I just realised what he meant… HAHAHA

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Yes I do. I’ve got somewhere to get the templates but I need the software.

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Pretty sure they do all of it in adobe photo shop and programs of the like.

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Most people don’t neccarily upload them through into the app, you can easily overlay them in photoshop.

Anyway it’s not possible form IOS anymore because FDS hasn’t enabled file sharing so these files are not viewable to the user.

This is for making liveries for fun, not for use in IF.

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I use Autodesk Sketchbook

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Have you got an example of what it looks like?


It’s better on a laptop, I have a MacBook Pro and I usually make liveries on there. However, on here you have to buy pro tools if you want to have the full experience like making gradients and adding text.

I made these while I was in airexpress.jet.


How do you make the doors and windows visible? When I start, the paint just covers the doors and details. Also, how do you make it stay in the lines and flow so well?

Make sure the templates are transparent.

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You did that in the app?

Yah, I have better ones no my laptop.

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