Livery Dedicated Update

Hello IFC!

Today I come to you and the staff team with an idea, by a good friend of mine @Tsumia.

He and I were talking about it in a VC, and it seems like a neat idea, so I’d like to elaborate on it. Before I go any further, please don’t flag this the second you see this, let replies come in, let opinions be heard, then, it can be closed, or not, up to mods.

So, I was wondering, why don’t we get a livery update instead of the reworks and aircraft? Don’t get me wrong, I love every single update, the 3D airports, the planes, everything, but there are so many liveries missing on many aircraft. There’s only around 7-10 special liveries, half from AA and the others from SW, and those from SW are outdated and have been painted over.

It would be really nice to get the Expo 2020 livery for Emirates aircraft, the Qatar World Cup ones, etc. Whilst I do know there’s copyright for all this stuff, the update doesn’t need this.

All those feature requests are 2-0 years old can get easily answered. Instead of getting around 2-5 new liveries in the 21.2 or 21.3 I believe (the one when 3D buildings came out and the Delta 320 I believe) why can’t we get 50-150 liveries spread across all the aircraft in game. Imagine the diversity, the beauty, you wouldn’t have to see American, United, or Delta at LAX or JFK 24/7.

This is just a drop in the lake of how big this update could be. Imagine how IF takes around like 3 months or so to rework an aircraft. Imagine putting all that same effort into something a lot easier, liveries galore.

And this update doesn’t need to be livery only, we can get a boost in 3D airports as usual, bugs removed, etc.

That’s what I’ve got on my head, let me know what you guys think of this and whether you’d like it or not!

Again, credits for this idea of a livery update go to @Tsumia, and I in no way was intending to demean staff work in the latest update or any other updates. If any of my information was wrong I do apologize and would appreciate a respectful correction.


If you want the liveries just vote for them, that’s the easiest way for the liveries to get to the game quicker. Look at one of the updates 21.3 I think it was where the IF team just mainly focused on adding new liveries and airports.


That doesn’t always work, and it may seem that easy, but why have liveries as a side quest in the updates, why can’t we have them as the main picture?

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Because the community voted for aircraft reworks over livery requests.

Look, not a livery request in the top few. The devs are just giving the community what we want basically look at these votes.

I mean I agree with you don’t get me wrong I would love a big update with new liveries but the main issue is storage and just what the community wants.

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While I do agree it would be phenomenal to get a large swath of new liveries at once, a major factor to consider is bandwidth. Every time you download a livery, that takes bandwidth from servers and you download a livery whether you fly it or see it on another plane. I can’t find the exact topic/reply but I believe Jason covered this one time and said that bandwidth is something to consider when livery choices are made because more liveries = more bandwidth = more server load = more money.


There wasn’t even an option for a livery update, the community voted on an aircraft to rework, and the update doesn’t need to take as long as the A330 or the 777, imagine just one to two months of pumping out liveries, it would be insane

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While I don’t see myself advocating for more special liveries (apart from vanity, there’s not much benefit such as new places to fly). However I still do agree with the addition of extra liveries in dedicated updates (somewhat like 21.1, but on a way larger scale).

Does that really work? The missed opportunity for liveries on largely operated aircraft like the A320 family and the 737 is rampant, since we only see new liveries on aircraft when they are updated, if not done on very small scales, sometimes on liveries that very few voted for in the first place.


Oh I see! I never knew about those, thanks for telling me! Maybe the staff could find a way to get around it in the near future? Glad to see you agree though!

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The Liveries are limited because if storage. The devs need to consider our devices here as well. We might not always get what we want or as fast as we want but we still get them, eventually.


You’re right, and I totally agree, but literally, the top few things aren’t even in the works yet…

Also, on the space thing, I find it unfortunate that it’s true, but again, if in the future there was a way around it, I’d still definitely advocate for a livery update,

“Getting around it” isn’t as easy as it might seem. Servers would have to be ramped up to handle the increased bandwidth due to more livery downloads every time you see a plane, which means that Infinite Flight would likely have to spend more money on servers which could then get translated to the us, the consumer.


Whilst that is a big limitation, there’s not a lot of things we can do to suggest working around it, considering most of us don’t know the inner workings of the game itself. However I still question the liveries IF LLC has been willing to sacrifice that bandwidth for, when liveries that are potentially diverse, but underused get added in the first place.

Yeah I get that. It’s a sad reality, but technology spirals upwards exponentially. Maybe one day. 🤷‍♂️

We just had a main community vote for which aircraft was next. Aircraft updates are what the community wants. It’s clear to see on what the community is voting for.

Look at RFS for example. Yes they have a crap ton of liveries hand made by community members but the graphics and physics of the game aren’t even close to IF’s performance. The devs take all these things into consideration.

Just to inject another point of view into this discussion, it was mentioned by Tyler that, “We’re working through long term solutions as we speak, though they’ll take time to verify and deploy.” In this direct quote, Tyler was referring to the fact that they have plans and are going to act on those plans in order to increase and further optimize the server load. That announcement came in light of the server blips controllers were experiencing due to 21.4 traffic loads.


Do they give options for already redone aircraft to have updates in terms of livery selection? No, because they’re already up to standard, and the aspect of missing liveries is being ignored.

Because just look at the top features it’s not liveries or “mass livery reworks”

And then-? Just keep adding 3 liveries every update other than the ones for the reworked aircraft? How long do we have to wait till the A320 is at its maximum power in diversity and worldwide-ness (not a word I think)?

Then again, adding liveries takes significantly shorter than reworking a plane, I bet if we took the top 150 livery posts, we’d total up to more votes than the top 5-10 all together.

Good news then! We’re getting there! 😂

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