Livery creator.

Hello, so I just have a question, I would love to create some liveries on my laptop however I do not know of any good sites, could anyone help me out with some good websites to create liveries?

Also I am not sure what category this would be in so feel free to move it.

Not sure if you are interested in purchasing editing product but Adobe Photoshop is really good and there are a lot of tutorials online.


Kinda looking for a specific website where I can create liveries for free with pre-made aircraft templates, I have a mobile game that lets me do that but it is hard to use.

Not sure of any website specific sadly.

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I’ll assist you as a fellow livery designer.

We tend to side with Medviation’s Templates available on Airline’s Empires. They are extremely high quality, free and easy to use. Note: You need to login or sign up, if you’re new, to view and download these templates.

We also use apps that support PSD files to make our designs. Those apps include: Pixelmator for iOS, Pixelmator and Adobe Photoshop for MAC, and Adobe Photoshop , MediBang , and GIMP for Windows PC/Laptop. A free alternative for iOS would be Autodesk Sketchbook , but users find it difficult to use so it’s not something we recommend.


Are you looking at creating livery’s for use in the sim or just for fun?

At present the developers are not allowing 3rd party content (ie livery’s) to be used in the sim.

Honestly, I just google some templates of an aircraft I want and use to edit it. I’ve also used some sort of dreamliner designer from boeing, can’t seem to find the link…

@anon7075715 is probably the person You’d want the most though.


Link to Boeing’s website

^^ You were most likely referring to the link above.

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Yes, it’s in that website, however I couldn’t find the exact page where You can design Your own dreamliner.