Livery creation program

So just to make clear this isn’t a feature request it’s just an idea.

So I had an idea when looking through #features. Due to the lack of some liveries in IF why not create a category on the forum where people can make and submit their own liveries via one of the programs the devs use? I did see a similar topic but the issue there was quality control which I’ve come up with a solution to. Instead of putting them where all the liveries are, a creation of a separate livery drawer would fix the confusion when it comes to stock and modded experience. In order to install them into the game files there could be a separate app on store doing that. Of course as with most things there’ll be trolls painting inappropriate stuff on planes but I think most people here would just flag it straight away.

Feel free to add on to or criticise :)

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Here ya go ;) OpenSource Livery Templates

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See above 😊