Livery Competition

Start a competition that gives users a chance to design a limited edition custom livery.

By using a generic aircraft as a template such as 737-700, users can go away and design their own special livery that will be judged upon the ending of the competition. A board of judges carefully selected to avoid cheating or bias, will select one livery which will be made to fly in game.

Conditions would be set to allow users to use their imagination. Liveries that are very similar to real life liveries will not be accepted. The livery cannot contain an airline name. Liveries cannot be used to promote virtual airlines or groups. Registration number of the aircraft can be added as long as there is no reference again to VA’s or groups.

What do people think? Consider it a once in a lifetime opportunity. Similar to another BBJ


Or, they select some of us too make some ;-)

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This feature may be abused…

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Why would they? I’ve already explained that part of the conditions are no livery names, and as each submission will go through the panel of judges we can automatically remove any liveries we believe don’t bide by the terms and conditions.

I like this idea! But I think it’d be abused, since the png files are handed out not to everybody by the devs. :/

They wouldn’t need to. You take a screenshot of the generic aircraft (plain white) and use this as a canvas.