Livery Coloring

Iʻve noticed that the livery coloring is very different in Infinite Flight on other aircraft even though they are the same airline, for example these 4 Delta aircraft from @Sami_Fajita_Air ʻs DTW Tracking topic.

As you can see the A330-300ʻs livery is faded, or pale I should say, same for the A321 and 737-900 in the picture. Yet the 757-200ʻs is saturated and colorful, why is this?

The same can also be said for the Korean Air fleet in IF, it is ALL sorts of colors:


I’ve noticed this with the A359 too.

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Try seeing if it makes a difference closer to the plane, but I did notice this.

It does not change, it stays the same unsaturated sad livery

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Almost all of the 777-300ER planes are pretty desaturated unfortunately, not just the Korean one. It’s really, really noticeable after you realize it. :(
I hope they fix it, because I almost always fly the 77W and its hard to not see this issue. :(
I feel like the A359 and the 787 have pretty correct colors.


I’m guessing it has to do with a graphics thing, but it surprises me that the A330 and 757 aren’t the same color since both were reworked


See developers’ response


I need more, not just the 787 and 777.

Just a disclaimer, that photo is edited so it shouldn’t really be used as an indicator of livery color.


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