Livery/callsign question

could someone tell me about this as too why Mr A320 has a Ryanair call sign but is Lauda Airlines livery i can see it from where I am 🧐

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Could it be a code share flight with Ryanair as they do have a stake in Lauda Airlines?

Cign :)

Hey, I’m not too sure. Feel free to ask why here.

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Perfect…loved seizing you in a Tbm I think the other day!

Possibly but it has all Ryanair callsigns even the FR

Could be operated by Ryanair in a Lauda Airlines plane. Emirates and Qantas do this a lot.

Probably a code share flight. And I’d suggest that you switch this to #real-world-aviation because #general is only for infinite flight related questions

Laudamotion is a subsidiary of Ryanair. Perhaps that is what they normally use? Try looking at other Laudamotion flights and see if they use a different callsign?

Ryanair own a stake in LaudaMotion and are using these aircraft on their routes (FR/RYR). Not sure what will happen in the future as it is believed Ryanair are shutting them down at the end of the year

Oh? Never ever have I seen it in my 12years of plane spotting and living next to BRS

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