Livery and Aircraft Model Voting [IF Simulator]

Lets Vote for Liveries and Aircraft Models in the IF Simulator!


  • Make a proposal about an airline or some aircraft model inside the simulator for the public to vote for it

  • Vote according to your taste the proposals of the rest


  • Emirates A380
  • British Airways A380

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This thread already exists:


Thats why this is call Just IF simulator!
I Mean you can just vote or propose liveries or aircraft models inside the simulator!

Yes, I feel this could be incorporated into the existing thread if needed. I understand your intention but think that this thread is redundant.

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It’s in Live apart, not in real world…
because im not refering to Real world Aviation.

It’s still the same thing as all Infinite Flight liveries are real world liveries except 1.

What I just want to propose is to people, propose or vote just Liveries or Aircraft Models or even to compare them, inside the IF simulator!

As I said, it’s too similar to the existing topic.

I think this Topic isn’t use yet!
So I think it can stand on the forum!
I think…

Yes thats right!

There’s a limit to the number of very similar “what do you prefer” topics, and I think this has crossed the line. Do feel free to continue in the topic linked by @Yacht. Thanks!