Livery/Aircraft ID list [for third-party developers]

List as-of the December 2016 update:


Thanks Mang.

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Cleaned it up for you a little ;)

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Not really, it makes it harder to parse :)


Just meant I added separate headers for the aircraft. Easier to nagivate :D

Oh, I see what you mean. I thought people would extract the individual ones for the aircraft they want.

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wow, nearly 490 different liveries! that’s a lot of choice for people!

I’m pretty suprised to see that amount! If you have all the aircraft, there are a lot of liveries to go through.

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For those who want an updated version (and in JSON):


I have updated it recently. If you notice that any current, publicly known livery is missing in the file please tell me.
Also for those who don’t understand how the data is organised, here is an explanation:

All the keys used to access each JSON Object is an aircraft id that you can get through the API. Each JSON Object is representing an aircraft and you can get the aircraft name inside. Then all the keys in the aircraft JSON Object is a livery id.

Latest: [18.4] Aircraft/Livery ID list