Livery Adding Question

I have a question, since they announced the new Jetblue A320 livery paint coming sometime this year, does the livery release without updating the app?

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I believe you would have to update the app to get the new livery.

Ok, thank you.

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Yeah, i was wondering because when they removed the old American 757 livery, they added it back, and didn’t remember if i had to restart the app or update it.

No you will not have to update if the livery comes as its own release and not as part of an update. They can just add that in and the next time you open the app it will do a little update as it is loading.


Liveries are released through the CDN (Content Delivery Network). To receive new liveries, you do not have to update the entire app - they’ll just appear in the list when they’ve been released, requiring a download if you choose to use the livery.


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