Liverpool ATC

Hi everyone!

I’m currently planning an EAF sortie for tomorrow. I’ll be heading from RAF Coningsby to Wales. With Liverpool on the IFATC schedule I’d like to try and incorporate a practice approach there with IFATC if possible.

I’m not requesting that someone open Liverpool at a specific time, instead I’m asking if anybody has existing plans to open EGGP tomorrow and if so, roughly when. I’ll then time things to work for both of us.

When someone suggests a suitable time (I’m available for most of the day so shouldn’t be too difficult) I’ll send a PM to that controller and flag this topic for closure.

We don’t plan when we open airports. One reason is because we can’t reserve airports. They are on a first come first serve basis so we never know. Also, controlling is voluntary so we don’t have a schedule we have to follow. The best times to get ATC at any given airport is during region changes or during what we like to call peak hours. Hope to see you around 😊

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The region change is at: 2020-04-25T06:00:00Z

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