I’ve noticed a bunch of liveries being flown that are not available in the menu. I am on iOS and was wondering how I would go about finding and having some…

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Where have you seen these liveries? Are you using the most recent updated version of Infinite Flight?

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In the 787 Livery Tracking thread? Those are just a preview! They aren’t out yet!


Maybe because you saw the previews of other aircrafts. As @PlanesForLife said

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The 787s haven’t come out yet so yeah :)

I have seen them in Southern California, but also seen them in the Caribbean. I do have the latest version of IF.

No, these were not on 787s.

What liveries were they

I can’t remember, to be honest, but I know I’ve gone to check in my IF to see if I found them based on the aircraft and I have not. I have seen them on both Boeing and Airbus.

Maybe it was devs flying with liveries in the next update?

No, if the devs are using new liverys we will still see the old liverys


Can you take a screenshot so we can see?


Next time I am on I sure will take a screen shot.

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