I have noticed that there are very few liveries for indian airlines. For example there should be an a330 and 777 livery in memory of the now defunct jet airways. Also airlines such as air india, go air, vistara should have liveries in a320. Also indigo should have an a321 livery. Druk air should have an a319 livery.
Making liveries is not that tough.

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You can always vote or make feature requests

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Oh, boy. You have no idea.

You can use the search tool and vote for your requested liveries.


We try to keep everything balanced by modelling liveries of airlines from all over the world. We do already have a number of Indian liveries in the simulator, but I agree that there could be more. It’s always worth remembering that adding liveries does take up quite a bit of time - so the team have to look at both what the community has voted for and what we think would keep the experience reasonably varied when deciding which ones to model.

Have a scroll through #features or search for an exact livery to show your support for it!


I’ve taken the liberty of digging up your requests.

See? Not hard.


They said makin liveries can take up to days

It takes a lot more than just days.

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Think the question has been answered sufficiently. If you need a hand or want a little more information on this sort of thing, please do PM me :)