Liveries You Didnt Know Existed (Part 2)

The old version closed long ago, Did you know these liveries existed?

So I decided to make a new one!

Post liveries that you think know one even knew existed!

Here is the China Airline 747 Love n Hug Livery!
It was rarely known. It includes some of China’s Endangered animals

Image Credits

Special Livery, China Airlines - "Love and Hug", Boeing 74… | Flickr

Please include image Credits :)


I used to always see this China Eastern expo 2010 livery at LAX.

Credit goes to Mark Szemberski.


That looks like a nice livery !

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Isn’t this thread supposed to be about liveries you didn’t know about?

EDIT: Oh wait, never mind. I mistakened the title. Sorry 😅

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Well I personally didn’t know it existed and I think many others don’t either. I feel like we should just let Cole keep it since @Kamryn doesn’t seem to have anything against him posting a pic of a plane he have seem before :)

I am ok with it, the point is that you may know about it and you think that many others do not, me myself didn’t know that the China Eastern Livery existed!


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