Liveries that should already be added

Hey developers 👋. I know some of our requested livery should already be added to Infinite Flight Sim. Is been almost a year but some of the livery has been added to next update or the next because most of them is requested a year ago. I hope that you added this Livery Sooner.

  • China Southern B77W
  • China Eastern B77W
  • Thai Airways B77W
  • Etihad B787-9
  • Cebu Pacific A330-900Neo
  • Rossiya Airlines B77W
  • Fiji Airways A330

Most of them has been closed for a year and said they will add in on IF but it’s been a year still they did not add the livery. I think there are more airlines that has confirmed but I didn’t add here. Thank you for your kind consideration.


we also can’t forget

  • Etihad A359
  • China Southern B789
  • British Airways A359
  • Virgin Atlantic A359
  • China Eastern B789

Feel free to vote for liveries you want to see, or create a new feature request for liveries that don’t already have a request open in Features. Thanks!

To comment on the liveries that you’ve listed:

The team have openly said that some liveries will be added in a future update. You have probably seen Tyler go through and confirm some of these.

There’s a multitude of reasons why they may take some time. Rest assured that they have not been forgotten! They will be added in due course. It’s just a waiting game. 🤞🏼