Liveries missing

After I downloaded the update, I notifed tyat somr liveries were missing. If I scroll down the list of liveries in the 737-700 for example, I can select southwest 2014, but not the newer livery. I can only select the new livery via the arrows.
This happens on all aorcraft with a livery list longer than would fit on my screen.

IF version 17.4.1
iPhone SE
IOS 11.1.B3

How much storage do you have available on your device? That could help a lot

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Don’t think that would help. 1.5GB should be enough.

Can you please provide a screenshot of the liveries missing .


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Did you try to delete and reinstall the app? That could help .

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Wrong way around, but you get the idea

Yes. It doesn’t help.

What about turning off your device using the power button and the home screen bottom . Hold both and it will turne off automatically. Second alternative will be hole in the same time the home screen + home button+ volume up bottom. Let me know if that help .

You do know you are supposed to swipe up/down in that list? Or do you mean it’s outside of your screens boundaries even if you do that?


He can only use the arrows to switch between all the liveries (the list does not have all of the liveries for some reason, and there are two ways to select a livery). Seems like you’ll need to reinstall the app.


Too early in the morning.
@dush19 - you have the same device? Same for you?


@schyllberg just tested on my iPhone SE and I can confirm that the liveries are missing from the list.

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Thanks. I’ll get a dev to have a look at it. Will probably be fixed in the next update.


I also have a SE. I don’t see any liveries missing…

Possibly it’s an iOS beta problem?

No, my SE is not on a beta.

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I’m not on beta either

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This is a known issue and the developers are aware. I use the SE as well


Thanks! It isn’t too big of a problem, I can still use all the liveries, but it is nice that they’re aware of the issue. Thanks everyone!

So is this a SE-exclusive bug?