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Why don’t the IF crew keep adding liveries to older planes? I’ve realized when a new or redesigned plane gets added and they add some liveries, they completely drop support for that plane going forward in terms of adding more airline liveries or updated liveries, just look at the JetBlue a320 livery…it’s old.

And they seem to do this for plane features as well…look at the newer planes like 757, 777s, a220, a330 and a300NEO…they all have door animations but not the a350 even though it’s not that old. I don’t know maybe I’m missing something but it just seems to me when they release a new plane…that’s it, no further updates to the plane. Who knows 🤷i


Some aircraft features are made as infinite flight progresses, and to my knowledge once you make a plane it’s hard to implement to an older plane. For liveries, I wouldn’t imagine they are very easy to make. Most people would prefer new or reworked planes over new liveries anyways.

Liveries in Infinite Flight are more complex than it seems. Infinite Flight has a group of professional graphic designers working on these liveries and a lot of time and effort goes into creating these. Additionally, things such as fair use, and other trademarked designs need to be considered.

As for adding liveries to “older” airplanes, this isn’t necessarily true as liveries can be added to any aircraft when deemed necessary. Take the 21.5 update for example, when the Korean Air 777-300ER livery was added, but the focus of the update was the A330-900. Overall, more liveries would be nice to have, we just need to consider where they’re coming from.


Like I said before, I believe that the next couple major updates should consist of the oldest planes getting reworked before adding new planes or working on newer planes. It’s sad that we can’t even fly planes that are starting to retire due to their poor condition in the game. A380, 747, 767, etc. Like, their reworking planes that have at least another 10 years in the skies. The planes I just listed have 10 years at most in the skies 🤦🏾‍♂️

What about the E-Jets rework? That’s coming after the F-18

The E-Jets have at least 10 years before they even start to retire and that is for the older models. The new ones with the enhanced winglets probably have double that. Then you have things like the 767 and 747 that have MAYBE 10 years before they are completely retired. The only thing we’ll have is 747-800’s and 767-F’s and that’s no fun. Also, I don’t want to wait until the plane is retired to have it in the game because it’s not the same. It would be like having the MD88 added to the game in 2022…

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