Liveries and Airports

With new liveries often coming out in tandem with new 3D airports, do you guys have any predictions for what pairs we’ll see? based on livery requests confirmed and progress on airports so far

I’ll start: the PAL A333 and CEB A339 with the release of RPLC

That has already been confirmed by IF staff.

anyway for airports, PANC, maybe Helsinki?

It’s not a prediction if it’s been confirmed.

yeah, right… sorry though

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though I really want GSO to be 3d too

Same!, GSO is nice

Airport editing and livery decisions are usually completely separate. True, sometimes they are released together, but usually there is no correlation. An editor has the right to edit any airport. Livery artists follow what staff have picked out to be suitable liveries to add. Having a livery confirmed MAY prompt an editor to edit an airport of their choice, but in reality this is simply speculation, due to the difficulties with editing an airport within a certain timeframe to predict when a livery would be released.


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