Whenever I open the app the app crashes. I noticed that when I turn off connect API it doesn’t crash now when I turn it on the app crashes.

Im sure @Cameron is working on this ;) please be patient!
The guy is cureently asleep but he should have an answer for you to better assist you when he wakes up!

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Try taking a look at this topic and see if it helps:

Like Chief said, Cam is working on this and an update should be available soon.

All the best,

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Do I need to buy the subscription in order to run the app?

No you do not. But to access more features in it you do.

There is no purchases in LiveFlight Connect.

So the answer is no, nothing else. :)

I meant the Horizon subscription. Probably could’ve phrased it better. ;)

Horizon have nothing to do with LiveFlight Connect.

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