For the first time I wanted to use liveflightapp, but it didn’t work. I opened the page on my pc and spawned with my tablet at klax. After waiting at least 5 min. before pushback I still wasn’t on the liveflightapp. After refreshing the page a couple times I spawned at knuc but it didn’t worked there either so anyways, I took off and after being 10. min in the sky I still wasn’t on the app(I was on the right server) Does anyone knows what I am doing wrong? I really wan’t to fly with this app.

There have been some issues the past few days with LiveFlight that aren’t fully solved, so if you’re aircraft is moving in-air it might not show the correct location/not show at all. Will be solved soon though, sorry about that :)

Aircraft might not show if they are parked at the gate, but once they start moving they should show.


oke thanks

Happens to me a lot to except i can never find it

Oh no!

That could happen from time to time. Just refresh your page and it should work :)