LiveFlightApp Wrong FPLs


I have been using LiveFlightApp for a while now, and have had a wonderful experience. But there is something that just annoys me sometimes with the system:

This doesn’t happen to me all the time, but when it does, it is kind of inconvenient. These FPL “deviations” get really inconvenient because I use LiveFlightApp to see my ETA into my destination. I use these times to estimate when I may have to get up (if in the night) or when I have to begin descents, especially for an overnight flights. I understand that this occurs because there are two different waypoints in IF with the same name, but is there anyway to fix this?

I really do like the app, but this little fix would make my experience a lot better! Any help is appreciated! Thanks and safe flying! 😁

It’s a known issue, since there are multiple waypoints under the same name. Infinite Flight recognises them and applies them to the closest waypoint in the fpl however Liveflight does not. 🙂


I understand this, but is there anyway to fix it? It sounds like an internal coding issue though…

Not that I know of, you’d have to talk that down with Cameron.

I delete the waypoint in IF which is far away in the Live Flight App. After a few minutes and reloading the route is shown correctly.

You can just check your ETE to Dest in your status bar during the flight, that way you’ll know what time you may have to get up and begin your descent.
Thats what I do personally ;)

I do have that on my UI, but I like to see my arrival time, not my time to destination

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