Liveflightapp Not Working

I have been trying to get to work for the past 45 minutes with no luck. When I open the website, it does not show any planes. I have reset the wifi and my computer multiple times to try to get it to work. I let liveflight sit open on my computer for 15 minutes and 0 planes showed up on the tracker. Why is this?


Yeah i’m getting the same issue atm. Maybe server down dunno

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Yep, same here, @Cameron?

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Same here, (in the app)

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I think the LiveFlight servers are down. Check out their twitter to see if they have any updates there.

The twitter won’t work either

Hmm, very interesting. What internet provider are you using? It might be a provider outage, since multiple people have claimed it isn’t working.

If it’s not working for you, I think that’s a problem in your end.

Just checked LiveFlight, and nothing is popping up on my end, either. It is probably a LiveFlight Server issue.

Verizon. It isn’t just me who is experiencing the issue.

Many people in multiple VAs are experiencing it.

They are working on it ☝️


What is a different way I can find out the accurate distance with a flight path that does not put me in the ILS cone?

Yep, there working on it! 👍


What is a different way I can find out the accurate distance that I flew?

Just got on the forum to see if anyone else was having this issue.

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Nice to know! Thanks for sharing 😊

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It’s been at least 1hr 15mn since the problem started

Back up for me!

Same here! Thanks @Cameron