LiveFlightApp is about to release an update

Aww I was hoping for AutoNav on iOS. Oh well, I’m sure the new website will be just as exciting. Great work Cam :)

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Nobody ruled that out :)


Oh well now I’m excited again!


This is what @Cameron means by it’s not ruled out

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But it might eventually be available.

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Yes so in the future we can use it :)

I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll have:

-Infinite Flight

All at once :)


I hope it will come out before Global Flight. I don’t really feel like doing a New York- Frankfurt flight with manual heading changes.

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That’ll be awesome - you’ll need to send me a pic of the setup when LiveFlight is out ;-)

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Does this count as IF news? Because if so IFN will post about this.

I’m sure @Cameron would not turn down any and all donations. Or you can purchase a cool T-shirt

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Wilco @Cameron

You guys are the publishers, up to you :) appreciate any support though!

Omg Cam make free please.


Ok then I guess it will be posted then.

@Cameron have you an idea when LiveFlight will be on iOS ?

Yes - when it’s ready :)


Isn’t there already a LiveFlight?

When LiveFlight update be release, is it also going to be release for the Android version?

And will it be free

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