displaying planes outside of regions?

Hey guys. Just wondering if any of you knew why people are displayed out of regions on liveflight an if you can actually do it?

You are able to fly outside of a region and Live Flight will show all planes no matter where they are in the world, but it is against Infinite Flight’s Terms of Use to fly out of the region

How do you know where you are flying to and which direction you are flying in?

You don’t :) You have to fly a certain heading and turn on autopilot, but if you are going to fly out of the region please do it on the free flight server

I will. And one more question, sorry! When you fly outside of one region, can you land in another?

No, the region you spawn in is the only region you will see scenery in, meaning if you leave the region you won’t see any terrain or airports, only other people’s planes. The only thing you can land on is a white surface that is at sea level

Couple topics on this already so good reading material for the topic there

Sorry if this is an old topic, but i have noticed an issue. LiveFlight is showing multiple planes doing out-of-region flights on the Training Server. Isn’t this not allowed? Are they testers?

Most likely testers. Something you may want to talk to Cameron about instead of necroposting ;).

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Hi @Keegan_Gidley - A post on this topic wasn’t really necessary it can be referred to as ‘Necroposting’. If you are experiencing problems with LiveFlight I would suggest getting in touch with @Cameron who heads up the app, he will help for sure!

I know that there has been a conversation recently about Liveflight over at:

Have a read up on there.

Any queries, please get in touch with me!